Sense In The Martial Arts

Wing Chun is a martial art based on natural laws, and all aspects of the system can be clearly explained and comprehended as such. Seeking answers from beyond reality is barren, stultifying and puerile.

The extent to which the natural world is presently understood is truly astonishing, inspiring and magnificent. We are indebted to the greatest minds of our time and generations past for this vast pool of genuine knowledge. However, fools are found in all walks of life and the martial arts world is no exception, with an unfortunate propensity for attracting mendacious individuals, charlatans, quacks, frauds and the self-important who abuse their position to intentionally bully, mislead and fleece their trusting and unsuspecting students.

When you're presented with demeaning and embarrasing baloney such as 'chi flow', 'energy field', 'aura', 'mind force', 'vital energy', 'no touch knock out', 'inner energy', 'telekinetic powers', 'mind control', 'levitation', blah blah blah... loud alarm bells should be ringing with the realisation that such nonsensical ideas and claims can only have come from an ignoramus or a con-artist.

We are fortunate to live in a time when there is such an enormous body of information available to us that it is no longer excusable nor necessary to accept made up pseudo-scientific explanations, dogmatic affirmation or to blindly accept argument from authority as infallible and therefore correct.

What follows below is a list of links to prepare you, so that you can easily tell fact from fiction and separate the sense from nonsense. So keep it real and help stop the onslaught of nonsense.

Sense About Science - Promoting good science and evidence for the public

Quackwatch - A guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions

Bad Science - Dr Ben Goldacre's excellent website

Skeptic - Promoting Science and Critical Thinking - Prof. Richard Dawkins' excellent website

Skeptoid - Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena

Understanding Science - How Science Really Works


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