Members Training Rates

N.B. The First Year Joining Fee and Members Training Rates set out below do not apply during the four week introductory training period, instead a flat rate fee of £10 cash per session applies until completion of the introductory period.

Joining Fee

£30 First Year Joining Fee, Insurance & Club T-Shirt

Members Training Rates

£45 per month by standing order, payable 1st of the month


To keep admin to a minimum during class time, our standard method of payment is by standing order. However, if you have special circumstances eg work away for extended periods, college, university, then by special arrangement you may pay using one of the following options:

£12 PAYG (cash, per session)
£50 Monthly (cash, per four week block)
An annual insurance fee of £25 is payable (included in the standing order rate)

Please note that cheques are not accepted. This applies to all payment options.

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