Welcome To Elite Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a subtle but devastatingly effective system of Chinese Kung Fu, well known for being the martial art studied by Bruce Lee and for being the fighting style featured in the "Ip Man" movies. Wing Chun is specifically designed for the purpose of close combat and self-protection while also serving to improve health and fitness.

Wing Chun is an ideal fighting system for people who are not naturally aggressive or physically dominant and is a perfect choice for both males and females wanting realistic self-defence skills. Brains not brawn are what give Wing Chun its edge.

At Elite Wing Chun we teach a complete self-protection plan covering the psychological and physical aspects of personal security: assertiveness, awareness, avoidance, escape and if physical assault is unavoidable, to hit first, hit hard, overwhelm, then escape.

Students learn a real-world reality based approach which develops the tools needed to deliver a simple, direct and effective response in the event of confrontation. Scenario training with single and multiple assailants, prepares students for the reality of violent altercation and aggressive behaviour, demonstrating what to expect (adrenaline, body language, pre-attack cues) and how best to deal with violence.

Elite Wing Chun's objective is to teach Wing Chun in a relaxed and accessible manner where emphasis is placed on technique and personal development. We aim to make effective self-protection skills accessible to everyone by offering a cooperative rather than competitive training environment. Students train with a positive and friendly attitude always helping one another to better understand and improve.

Chief instructor, John Brogden is a Hong Kong trained student of master Ip Chun (son of Ip Man). John also has the privilege of studying with Sean Bardoe (experienced fighter, doorman, bodyguard, and senior student of master Ip Chun). Elite Wing Chun is affiliated to the Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy (Hong Kong).

Elite Wing Chun is based in Bracknell, UK, on the Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire border. We are within easy reach of Wokingham, Reading, Camberley, Ascot and Maidenhead. Both the M3 junction 3 and M4 junction 10 are within ten minutes.


Our classes include students at all stages of development and beginners are always welcome. If you are interested in viewing a class or would like to start training with us, please take a look at training info to get involved!

NO competition... NO impractical Techniques... NO politics...